Chris Carter - Producer / Director

As principal of Creative Media Productions, Chris is responsible for maintaining the orientation towards quality, economy and service which have become the hallmarks of the company.

With a degree in communications from Simon Fraser University, Chris has utilized his training and talents to create a significant number of critically acclaimed video productions. His engaging and diverse skills of communication, team-participation, research, writing and directing have greatly benefited productions in the industrial, corporate and non-profit sectors. Dealing with clients ranging from small manufacturers to the largest forest companies in the province to not-for-profit organizations, Chris feels equally comfortable with the full range of people from upper management to their employees, executive directors to the clients they serve.


The diverse range of talented individuals available to Creative Media Productions ensures an exceptional quality production at the best possible budget. Creative Media Productions has a number of associates whose talents add greatly to their success. They range from award winning writers who have specialties in a variety of fields; award winning cinematographers who have worked in every possible environment from war zones to delivery rooms; directors who have worked on television series, commercials, corporate productions, documentaries and educational programming.

Crew and Production Staff

All of Creative Media’s production staff are highly professional and up-to-date with the latest technology. Award winning cameramen, digital on-line audio and video editors, on-or-off camera narrators, musicians, on-screen talent and experienced crew guarantee superior quality and high production value.

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